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Security For Your Bitcoins in 8 Easy Steps

To respond to one of the most common concerns among bitcoiners today – security – we call on one of the top experts in cyber security. Boy I wish we’d only known it was this easy … Via I’ve worked in the computer security industry almost since it was created, and I’ve heard a lot […]

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Bitcoin FAQs

Bitcoin FAQs

The concept of peer-to-peer money goes against so many of our (frequently wrong) preconceptions with respect to how we perceive money and understand its basic functions. To help counter them, here are FAQs to some common questions usually posed by those lacking familiarity with Bitcoin and/or on their way to enter the world of what […]

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Bitcoin Wallet Tutorial Step 3

Bitcoin Tutorial For Obtaining Your Bitcoin Wallet From ‘My Wallet’

We’ve prepared this little Bitcoin Tutorial for those of you wishing to obtain a new bitcoin wallet from ‘My Wallet’ ( Please follow the subsequent steps: 1)     Go to 2)     Click on Start a New Wallet. 3)     Fill in your Alias, a password of your choice and copy the captcha. Regarding the password: use […]

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How Do You Get Your Bitcoin Wallet?

The Bitcoin Wallet is actually a file needed to send and receive bitcoins. We can say that this file “contains” our bitcoins, although in reality it contains cryptographic keys (unique, secret, private keys) that make us owners of our bitcoins, and allow us to authorize payments (transfer the possession of our coins). Getting one or […]

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How Can You Obtain Bitcoins?

Once you have your Bitcoin Wallet, there are several ways in which you can get a hold of bitcoins. Obtain bitcoins for “free” Bitcoin Faucet: it’s a service created by Gavin Andresen, one of the lead programmers of the Bitcoin Project, in order to promote and widespread the currency’s adoption giving some for free. It […]

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