Those Harmed (By Bitcoin Success)…

BitcoinThose harmed by the eventual Bitcoin success will, in fact, be also those who will no longer be able to so easily harm others. They are (in no particular order):

→Politicians using at the expense of the productive population (both of present and future generations).

→Public officials meant to manipulate the monetary system and enforce the state money (that is constantly losing its value) as legal tender.


→Politically-connected businessmen and corporate executives used to getting favors and special treatment from those in power.

→Bureaucrats and so-called public servants whose salaries depend exclusively on the expansion of state or government powers.

→Economists defending the current monetary system to maintain their academic or administrative positions.

→State Agencies and companies meant to collect consumer information.

→Those heavily invested in fiat money.

→People accustomed to living beyond their means.



→Expensive, centralized and, to a large extent, inefficient money transfer and payment services (Western Union, credit card, PayPal, etc.)

The institutionalized-violence junkies have much to lose upon the success of Bitcoin (and any other system that demonstrates the infinite superiority of the voluntary organization). As such, do not expect the mass media keep talking a whole lot about the advantages of Bitcoin, nor for the Bitcoin expansion to occur without substantial resistance from those having power over things now. If nothing else, history has shown that no one group of people gives up its privileges voluntarily, without first putting up a fight.

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