The Final Battle For A Free Internet Won’t Be Fought In A Court

internet-freedom-eagleThe suppression of freedom of access to information gave impetus to BitTorrent, Wikileaks and millions of blogs that do not submit to governmental or corporate interests. The repression of liberty was what led us to discover Bitcoin. This is an inevitable process that will keep happening again and again against any attempt to control the Internet.

Corruption and growing state intervention are not simply perversions of the state (i.e. deviations from the norm of what the state should be like), they are, respectively, its essence and the very purpose. Fighting abuses of the state with the means employed by the state is as convenient and reasonable as using a guillotine to relieve severe headache. The purpose of the guillotine is killing, regardless of what may be said in its defense.

Just as the opposite of rape is mutually consensual sex, rather than the rape with limited penetration, the opposite of state coercion isn’t less state coercion, but free and voluntary relationships between human beings.

Does that sound too utopian? Not to me. To me it sounds more like something we do on every day basis; something that is legitimate, in addition to being efficient and sustainable, and within the reach of pretty much anyone out there.

If we don’t want governments of the world to continue violating our liberties, let us stop pleading with them for their recognition and protection of them  … and we will set ourselves free.

Politicians are not going to renounce violence unless we are ready to give up on putting our trust and hope in the political process.

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