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Bitfury 400 GH/s Bitcoin Rig Hits The Bitcoin Mining Scene

Far from stalling the progress of Bitcoin mining,  ASICs has triggered a technological race in computing power and energy efficiency unprecedented in mining bitcoins in the past. In this new context, another company, BitFury makes a move onto the scene with its 400 GH/s Bitcoin Rig. Via The Genesis Block After almost a full year of […]

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First Of Butterfly Lab’s BitForce 500 GH/s In Operation

The first rig Butterfly ASIC Labs, 500 gigahashes per second, has been put into operation and the result documented in the Bitcoin Forum.   Via The first 500 gigahash per second ASIC mining rig from Butterfly Labs has been put into operation, as reported on the Bitcoin Forum. We recently reported on the first shipment of […]

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Butterfly Labs Finally Shipps Last Year ASIC Pre-orders

The possibility of increased difficulty in obtaining bitcoins via Bitcoin mining, as feared by Butterfly Labs’ customers, ceased long ago being a ghost, and has now turned into a horrible monster; one that is getting ever bigger, eating away at the potential ROI expected by thousands of ASIC hopefuls around the world. The announcement published today by Butterfly […]

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Bitcoins: mine or buy?

Bitcoins: Mine Or Buy?

Ever since the time Bitcoins took on some real value nearly all bitcoiners must have at some point asked themselves the same question: should I get involved in mining? Or perhaps it’s better to stick to buying Bitcoins directly? One factor frequently mentioned, while not necessarily being the only answer to the given question, is […]

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