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Leading Bitcoiners Take Questions At The World Bank Conference

On Thursday, the World Bank held a conference on Virtual Currencies and invited Gavin Andresen, Lead Developer for Bitcoin, and Patrick Murck, General Counsel for the Bitcoin Foundation, to speak at a panel. The following are Gavin’s (GA) and Patrick’s (PM) paraphrased responses to the questions they were asked by the 50 member audience before the panel […]

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Bitcoin Conference In London

On July 2 Bitcoin conference is due to be held in London, Great Britain. This will be an invite-only, single day event that is expected to draw 200-300 attendees and high profile speakers from all over the world. It will take place in Canary Wharf, an area known for the high presence of numerous global […]

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Amir Taaki: “Nothing Will Slow Bitcoin’s Adoption Now”

While waiting for new reports to arrive from Bitcoin Conference 2013 in California, today we give floor to Amir Taaki, Bitcoin activist and the organizer of the unSYSTEM Conference.  This is another Bitcoin Conference, will be held in Vienna  between 1-3 of November this year, which by all acounts should be very different from the […]

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bitcoin conference 2013

Bitcoin Conference 2013 (2nd Part)

“At first I found it hard to believe that all this space was allocated for Bitcoiners – writes David Perry in his blog. A few hours later, all I could wonder was whether there was enough space to house all these Bitcoiners…” During day 1, it was the exhibitions that came to be the biggest attraction […]

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