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BitPay Partners With 3dcart, Providing16,000 Online Merchants The Ability To Accept Bitcoin

“What can you possibly buy with bitcoins?” – skeptics had been asking us by year 2011. It was still common to hear that question in 2012. Meanwhile, companies like BitPay were busy availing themselves of the extraordinary opportunities offered by this new economy, still small and immature, but definitely poised for the future rapid growth we […]

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Bees Brothers: World’s Youngest Bitcoin Entrepreneurs

Via CoinDesk Most teenage boys are far too busy at school and interested in playing sports and computer games to set up a business on the side. But nestled between two mountain ranges in northern Utah, USA, there are three brothers who are possibly the youngest bitcoin entrepreneurs out there. At 14, 13 and 10 years old, […]

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Erik Voorhees: Bitcoin Is The New Frontier

In 2011, Erik Voorhees decided to abandon his other undertakings to devote himself exclusively to Bitcoin-related ventures (Bitinstant, Coinapult, SatoshiDICE). If you want to understand what led him down this road and learn more about his motives and reasons, here’s the interview Felix Moreno of Bitcoin Magazine did with this pioneer of “Digital Wild West”. […]

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SatoshiDice Sold for $12.4 Million

The SatoshiDICE case stands as a stark warning to all those entrepreneurs who are looking for their place in the world. Before reaching the peak of its success, the company was forced to move out of the U.S. and block the originating IP addresses in the country. Moreover, SatoshiDICE is but one example of a […]

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Exante Adds Share Trading To Global Bitcoin Fund

Via Forbes – by Jon Matonis A lot has happened since Malta-based broker Exante debuted the world’s first Bitcoin-only hedge fundlast March. In addition to the bitcoin price more than quadrupling in value, the company presented at the Bitcoin 2013 conference in San Jose, added a regulated United States feeder fund to allow for U.S. investors, and started […]

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The World’s First Bitcoin Baby

The world’s first baby “bought” with Bitcoin is a girl born in California. The babygirl is now being referred to as the world’s first Bitcoin baby after a doctor accepted Bitcoin payments from the baby’s parents for the fertility treatment. Just like so many of us Dr. C. Terence Lee of Brea, California is fascinated […]

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Gift Cards: A Bridge Between Bitcoin And Retailers

While government busybodies and zealots are stepping up their efforts to alienate those using Bitcoin from the banking system, the list of indirect means to spend their units of digital currency keeps on growing. Via Bitcoin Money Foodler accepts Bitcoin payment to buy Foodler Credits which then can be used instantly (via web or iPhone mobile) to purchase […]

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BitAngels: The First Angel Network For Bitcoin Startups

Over 60 investors have come together to launch BitAngels, the first multi-city angel investment network and incubator designed to encourage support of Bitcoin startups. The firm has amassed an initial fund of $6.7 million, according to TechCrunch, which will be invested at a rate of around $20,000 per startup. Support and mentoring will also be offered from […]

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Gyft Adds Support For Bitcoin Purchases Via BitPay

It’s a fact of life that the best currencies are those that can be most easily, and with the least loss of value, exchanged for a good or service. To say this is basically like saying that the best currencies are the most “liquid” ones. But liquidity is not an attribute with which money is […]

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