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Those Harmed (By Bitcoin Success)…

Those harmed by the eventual Bitcoin success will, in fact, be also those who will no longer be able to so easily harm others. They are (in no particular order): →Politicians using at the expense of the productive population (both of present and future generations). →Public officials meant to manipulate the monetary system and enforce the […]

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productive population

Bitcoin: To The Rescue Of Productive Population

What would happen if a critical mass of the population of any country decided to use bitcoins as a medium of exchange? After the mathematically unavoidable financial collapse of the “welfare state”, members of the productive classes will not sit around idly they will continue to produce. But for that they will need a monetary […]

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SatoshiDice Sold for $12.4 Million

The SatoshiDICE case stands as a stark warning to all those entrepreneurs who are looking for their place in the world. Before reaching the peak of its success, the company was forced to move out of the U.S. and block the originating IP addresses in the country. Moreover, SatoshiDICE is but one example of a […]

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Mt. Gox Registers With The US Treasury Department

Mt. Gox keeps on stryving to find the exit out of the U.S. the regulatory maze imposed on companies that haven’t yet conspired with the “Politburo”. The bad news is that the future of Mt. Gox is uncertain, the good news is – as history has shown us time and time again – totalitarianism is doomed to […]

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If government is the answer, stupid question

Winklevoss Brothers: Government Regulations Will Actually Help Bitcoin, Not Hurt It

“Government regulations will actually help bitcoin, not hurt it” – these were the words uttered by Cameron Winklevoss, a digital entrepreneur and one of the Winklevoss twins at a recent entrepreneurial event in New York. Winklevoss brothers became known to the general public when they sued Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for $140 million, claiming he stole their […]

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Regulation on Bitcoin: Whom Will They Hurt?

Much has been said about how and to what extent state regulations could affect Bitcoin users. The same legal framework that some welcome with joy, others consider a necessary evil, a threat or an abomination. All the broadly dispersed ideological positions have at least one representative at every Bitcoin forum, and all of them have […]

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Dwolla – Shut Down

Those operating via Dwolla to transfer their funds to their Mt.Gox accounts were in for an unpleasant surprise yesterday when they received Dwolla’s notification via email informing that the service had been suspended.  One of the ‘victims’  shared the company’s communication with the community on Reddit Bitcoin: Mt.Gox, for its part, quickly confirmed that Dwolla transactions are […]

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Bitcoin Software: The System That Cannot Be Destroyed

To destroy Bitcoin you must first be able to do away with internet. Period. It is the only way to get every one of the computers running the Bitcoin software, at least temporarily, cutt-off and isolated. What about a large-scale catastrophe of some sorts, would it not be able to put an end to Bitcoin? Not […]

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