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Regulation on Bitcoin: Whom Will They Hurt?

Much has been said about how and to what extent state regulations could affect Bitcoin users. The same legal framework that some welcome with joy, others consider a necessary evil, a threat or an abomination. All the broadly dispersed ideological positions have at least one representative at every Bitcoin forum, and all of them have […]

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state soldier

Do We Need An Approval From The State?

The bitcoiners are divided as to the significance and a full array of possible ramifications of the official recognition of Bitcoin. On the one hand, there are those who insist that, to be widely accepted, Bitcoin should be introduced to the masses as simply being an alternative to PayPal. According to them,  “legitimacy” is synonymous to […]

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Bitcoin Shut Down

Can Bitcoin Be Ever Shut Down?

A scenario that could potentially lead to Bitcoin being shut down is one of a united and total ban by the world’s most powerful governments. But what can a state really do to ban Bitcoin? Effectively, the same thing what it did in case of the war it waged against BitTorrent and Wikileaks but noting […]

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