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Bitcoin Debate & The Intellectual Halfheartedness

It is a curious sight indeed to see some Libertarian intellectuals who weigh in on the Bitcoin debate with their eyes wide shut; Next thing you know they start claiming that as a money Bitcoin has “no intrinsic value” or that it doesn’t fit well with Mises’ Regression Theorem… Poor Mises! He must be be […]

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Bitcoin And The Future Of Money

When faced with Bitcoin, most economists adopt an all too common strategy among academics: shut their eyes and cross their fingers, all the while reciting Father who art in heaven. With a little bit of luck, they think, Bitcoin will be replaced by something different, something that can be manipulated by some arbitrary government committee (perhaps […]

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Breaking the wall

Bitcoin Knows No Financial Barriers

Why, despite all its advantages, there are still those who oppose Bitcoin? The answer is simple: Bitcoin recognizes no artificial barriers or unfair privileges, and there is nothing more lucrative for the parasitic classes than artificial trade barriers and privileges defended by means of the monopoly of violence. Without these constraints, wealth would flow directly […]

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growth rings

News That Will Strengthen Bitcoin (4nd Part)

It is because of news like these that Bitcoin continues to strengthen: →Research exposes 32 trillion dollars in tax havens From a list of two million leaked emails (the examination of which has just begun), the British newspaper The Guardian has inferred the existence of billions of dollars hidden in offshore accounts. → Canada is prepared […]

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Gold Vs. Bitcoin (3nd part)

For a good to be economically valuable it must be both useful and scarce (at least in a certain context). The utility is not enough: the air is not only useful, it’s absolutely essential, however, because it’s also abundant and ubiquitous – except for extraordinary circumstances – we do not assign an economic value to […]

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Gold Vs. Bitcoin (2nd part)

After more than five thousand years of use, the gold has endured. All the many technological advances in minting and extraction haven’t changed the essential properties that make this metal precious. Gold success owes largely to one of the attributes it shares with Bitcoin: its decentralized nature. No one can monopolize its production, or control […]

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bitcoin vs. gold

Bitcoin Vs. Gold

Large-scale monetary inventions are not exactly common. Thousands of years ago, the first individual to discover and make use of the gold monetary qualities didn’t imagine in the slightest the magnitude of the productive explosion this invention would trigger in the centuries to come. In fact, thanks to its physico-chemical properties, wide geographic distribution and […]

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Scoop Gear....

News That Will Strengthen Bitcoin (3nd Part)

It is because of news like these that Bitcoin continues to strengthen: →Europe paves the way to rescue banks that fail using the money of their depositors Cyprus was only the beginning; We also know that Japan is too ready to, if necessary, force depositors to bail out failed banks. Now comes the turn of […]

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chain linked fence

News That Will Strengthen Bitcoin (2nd Part)

It is because of news like these that Bitcoin continues to strengthen: →Japan is going to bail out its failed banks using the money of their depositors Remember in Cyprus? Now it’s time for Japan. The Financial Services Agency of this country enacted new rules that, if necessary, will force depositors to bail out failed […]

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