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WebMoney Starts Processing Bitcoin

Via The Genesis Block: WebMoney, considered the PayPal of Russia, announced the addition bitcoin as a payment option today. This will enable both merchant as well as person-to-person transfers. WebMoney had over 11 million users in 2010, and this number has no doubt grown significantly since then. WebMoney accounts are called purses, and transactions can be denominated in bitcoin, gold, USD and rubles among […]

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Dwolla – Shut Down

Those operating via Dwolla to transfer their funds to their Mt.Gox accounts were in for an unpleasant surprise yesterday when they received Dwolla’s notification via email informing that the service had been suspended.  One of the ‘victims’  shared the company’s communication with the community on Reddit Bitcoin: Mt.Gox, for its part, quickly confirmed that Dwolla transactions are […]

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Bitcoin for Scotland: A Max Keyser’s idea

Bitcoin? For Scotland? The charismatic Max Keiser is not known for beating around the bush when it comes to expressing his views. Next year  Scotland will be holding a referendum that will open the door to a possible independence from the United Kingdom. As you’ll see, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert waste no time in […]

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Bad News That Will Strengthen Bitcoin

It is because of news like these that Bitcoin will continue to generate more interest than ever before: → PayPal Bans BitTorrent VPN/Proxy Service After blocking the financing of various file hosting sites and Usenet providers, PayPal service takes a swing at  VPN/Proxy because of its  ties with BitTorrent. → Central banks step up their […]

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Gyft Adds Support For Bitcoin Purchases Via BitPay

It’s a fact of life that the best currencies are those that can be most easily, and with the least loss of value, exchanged for a good or service. To say this is basically like saying that the best currencies are the most “liquid” ones. But liquidity is not an attribute with which money is […]

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US Regulators Confused On Bitcoin

Phil Archer describes how one part of the US Government (FinCEN) sees Bitcoin as a currency while another (CFTC) may see it as a commodity. He finishes up with an overview of possible  regulatory outcomes. Via The Genesis Block: Discussion around governmental regulation of bitcoin came to a furor over the last few days when […]

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Bitcoin Startup Receives Biggest Financial Injection Thus Far

Coinbase, eleven-month-old startup, announced Tuesday that it had closed the largest round of funding for a startup Bitcoin so far, in which it obtained $ 5 million in investment from Union Square Ventures. Via The Wall Street Journal Eleven-month-old startup Coinbase announced Tuesday the largest funding round to date for a Bitcoin startup, a $5 million investment […]

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