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SatoshiDice Sold for $12.4 Million

The SatoshiDICE case stands as a stark warning to all those entrepreneurs who are looking for their place in the world. Before reaching the peak of its success, the company was forced to move out of the U.S. and block the originating IP addresses in the country. Moreover, SatoshiDICE is but one example of a […]

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A true measure of the vitality and strength of any given market is the level of decentralization that it is capable of supporting. In this sense, Bitcoin exchange services still have a long way to go; the folks at, however, have decided to step on the accelerator. By Jon Matonis Have you ever imagined starting […]

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iGolder Recommends Bitcoin And Shutts Its Doors

iGolder is a sophisticated electronic payment system with gold backing, which allows – among other services – access to transaction history and reputation of each user, thereby protecting both buyers and sellers. Their motto is “Trade without bureaucracy”, and over the course of its operation the company has indeed managed to implement it without legal […]

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growth rings

News That Will Strengthen Bitcoin (4nd Part)

It is because of news like these that Bitcoin continues to strengthen: →Research exposes 32 trillion dollars in tax havens From a list of two million leaked emails (the examination of which has just begun), the British newspaper The Guardian has inferred the existence of billions of dollars hidden in offshore accounts. → Canada is prepared […]

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Avalon Could Quadruple Bitcoin Network Hashrate

Bitcoin and is by far the most powerful computer network that has ever been seen on the face of earth. If the 500 fastest supercomputers in the world today were to join together in the Bitcoin network, that would barely represent 10 or 15% of its computational power. Cool, right? But it is only the […]

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The Present And The Future Of Bitcoin According To Jeff Garzik

Via CoinDesk Jeff Garzik could be considered one of the guardians of bitcoin. When we caught up with him, he had just finished working with others to stop a network-wide event – aDDoS attack that exploited some stray code in the reference bitcoin client (Bitcoind) to target certain parts of the cryptocurrency’s distributed infrastructure. He became one […]

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bitcoin foundation

Jon Matonis Named New Executive Director Of Bitcoin Foundation

Jon Matonis is the new Director for Bitcoin Foundation. The following statement explains his reasons for accepting the position. Via Bitcoin Foundation I am proud to have been associated with the Bitcoin Foundation since its launch just nine short months ago. A nonprofit organization for Bitcoin can add greatly to the political and economic discourse for […]

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flattr world

Flattr Adds Bitcoin To Its Microdonation System

One of the saddest ironies of our times is that the technology that allows us to access countless volumes of information, and communicate instantly with other people around the world, cannot be used to transfer the value in a way that is simple, safe and affordable. At least it used to be this way  … […]

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First Fund for Bitcoins May Be A Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust

The Winklevoss twins Cameron and Tyler have filed with the US SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) a proposal to create the Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust, a trust that is a variation of an exchange traded fund that contains only bitcoins, and would issue tradable shares: Via The plan involves an exchange-traded fund, which usually tracks a basket […]

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