News That Will Strengthen Bitcoin (6nd Part)

tree-8810_640It is because of news like these that Bitcoin continues to grow strong:

Trial begins for billionaire responsible credit card fraud

Five men from Russia and Ukraine have been accused of causing losses of more than U.S. $ 300 million to various payment processors, in the biggest cyber crime case in the history of the United States.

Zynga abandoned its plans to enter the gambling market – the company’s stock plunges

Some investors thought gambling games would be the key to revive the company, but the strict laws and regulations  in the United States for the company turned out to be literally impossible to comply with.

Cyprus: banks will be bailed out with 47.5% of deposits in accounts that exceeded € 100 000

Authorities initially had expropriated 37.5% of deposits in accounts above € 100 000, but maintained a 22.5% surcharge to use “if necessary”.

Former ECB chief warns: “The Euro crisis will worsen in late autumn”

Jürgen Stark said that very soon the ECB will be forced to support France in buying bonds. “Otherwise, the country will have to be rescued,” he said.

“Money laundering” laws block fund transfers to Somalia

A third of Somalia’s GDP relies on money sent from abroad by hard-working Somalian emigrants to their relatives at home. Humanitarian crisis is expected.

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