Bitcoin: To The Rescue Of Productive Population

productive populationWhat would happen if a critical mass of the population of any country decided to use bitcoins as a medium of exchange?

After the mathematically unavoidable financial collapse of the “welfare state”, members of the productive classes will not sit around idly they will continue to produce. But for that they will need a monetary system that protects them against the pillaging at the hands of the state and makes it possible to sustain the efficient and effective division of labor in a technologically advanced society.

In other words, they will need Bitcoin and they will run to it joyfully. This is also a very plausible scenario according to Michael Suede, and here are some of the consequences of such a happening that he predicts:


“In short, if people wanted to keep their own money, they certainly could.  The State would only get the money that people wanted the State to have.  It would turn Italy into a de facto voluntarist nation State.  How long could a modern coercively funded State last in the face of people using a currency that could not be tracked or confiscated?  – Not long, I surmise.“


“One region in the world where Bitcoins become the dominate currency would topple the fascist control grid of modern banking and violently funded nation States around the globe.  It could not be contained without a coordinated global action to ban it, which is something I find highly unlikely.  Even a coordinated global action by violent nation States could not ultimately keep it at bay for long.  The economic incentives for trade are just too strong.  Nation States could not prevent Bitcoins from being used any more than they can successfully ban the use of illicit drugs.”

The current monetary system has been imposed on us for one single purpose only: to take away part of the fruit of our work (leaving only the amount necessary for us to continue producing). Hoping for our masters to realize how unfair the present order they preside over is and decide, in a moment of compassionate weakness, to liberate us, is as reasonable as to expect a farmer to set his cattle free.

You need further evidence for being a slave? Take a look at your chains. It takes nothing but violence (fiat money, taxes, other types of direct and indirect expropriation) to keep this unjust system going and even more violence to prevent it running off the cliff.

You claim to be a productive individual? Then stop asking favors of the one who’s actually holding the whip.

The reason for the existence of chains around our necks is precisely because our masters (and the increasing number of parasites that depend on them) know that there is no other way to keep their privileges. In the absence of productive population to enslave they would face nothing short of a terrible dilemma: start earning an honest living (God forbid that should happen!) or resort to begging for money on the streets. For them, maintaining the status quo is literally a matter of life and death, as there is no parasite without host. No wonder, then, that the cost of braking the chains that bind us is so high … But that’s about to change.

For productive population, cost of getting rid of chains and finding a way towards liberty begins to gradually decrease as Bitcoin expands. So if you reject immorality – as much as you do the idea of ​​hiding in the forest to avoid it – you have now the opportunity to help build a new different world.

So go ahead and use the medium of exchange of tomorrow today: your wallet as well as your conscience – and future generations to come – will thank you for this.

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