Bitcoin Tips: New Bitcoin Plug-in For WordPress

Tip JarTips Bitcoin (Bitcoin Tips) is a plugin for WordPress, the most used blogging platform in the world, which enables us to leave tips to the authors of those articles that we have find of interest. We believe that Bitcoin Tips is a step toward a future in which we can easily and in no-time compensate authors in the form of micro payments for useful and valuable content they create online. 

Le’ts see what it’s all about … – vía

This plugin allows collecting bitcoin tips from WordPress blog readers. It is inspired by apost on forum. Every blog post gets its unique bitcoin address for tips (this allows for detailed stats of tips per post). All tips are immediately forwarded to a bitcoin address defined in plugin settings, so tips from all posts are eventually sent to a single address.

The plugin uses API to collect tips. This makes it compatible with every WordPress environment (i.e. it doesn’t require any bitcoin-specific software like bitcoind). It also adds some level of security, as even if your WordPress is hacked, your received tips are secure as there are no bitcoin private keys stored in your WordPress. Both plugin and API are free to use.

Installation is simple, you just upload plugin into WordPress. Then you need to setup your receiving bitcoin address in Settings > Bitcoin Tips and once it’s done, there will be a tipping widget displayed under each post. You can also set your own copywriting instead of the default texts.

This is a work in progress, and the current 0.1.0 version is a result of just one night of work (most of it spent on learning WordPress plugins API). It currently includes the most core features which I think should be working properly:

  • Automated generation of unique bitcoin address for each post.
  • Setting up automatic forwarding of all incoming bitcoins to a single bitcoin address configured in plugin options.
  • Tipping widget displayed under each post with customised copywriting and bitcoin address QR code.

If you want to install this beta version of the plugin, you can download it from here. The above features should be working reliably, so as long as you’re aware of current limitations (the list below), you can already put it in your blog.

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