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News That Will Strengthen Bitcoin (3nd Part)

It is because of news like these that Bitcoin continues to strengthen: →Europe paves the way to rescue banks that fail using the money of their depositors Cyprus was only the beginning; We also know that Japan is too ready to, if necessary, force depositors to bail out failed banks. Now comes the turn of […]

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News That Will Strengthen Bitcoin (2nd Part)

It is because of news like these that Bitcoin continues to strengthen: →Japan is going to bail out its failed banks using the money of their depositors Remember in Cyprus? Now it’s time for Japan. The Financial Services Agency of this country enacted new rules that, if necessary, will force depositors to bail out failed […]

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Exante Adds Share Trading To Global Bitcoin Fund

Via Forbes – by Jon Matonis A lot has happened since Malta-based broker Exante debuted the world’s first Bitcoin-only hedge fundlast March. In addition to the bitcoin price more than quadrupling in value, the company presented at the Bitcoin 2013 conference in San Jose, added a regulated United States feeder fund to allow for U.S. investors, and started […]

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Leading Bitcoiners Take Questions At The World Bank Conference

On Thursday, the World Bank held a conference on Virtual Currencies and invited Gavin Andresen, Lead Developer for Bitcoin, and Patrick Murck, General Counsel for the Bitcoin Foundation, to speak at a panel. The following are Gavin’s (GA) and Patrick’s (PM) paraphrased responses to the questions they were asked by the 50 member audience before the panel […]

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Bitcoin Development: Current Status – 4th Report

Gavin Andresen, Bitcoin project’s main developer, keeps us posted on the challenges currently faced by Bitcoin core developers.   Via Bitcoin Foundation There will likely be a 0.8.3 release of the reference implementation to fix a denial-of-service attack that affects some network nodes (details will be released after the fix), but most development effort is working […]

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Money Laundering Is A Pseudo Crime

Not too many people know that laws meant to combat “money laundering” did not even exist 20 years ago.  All the big talk about money laundering today and the fact that it’s considered a real and punishable crime simply goes to show that over the years the state propaganda machine has borne fruit.  The truth, as […]

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Mt Gox Suspends Withdrawals In Dollars, Explains Why

Having announced that temporary suspension of withdrawals in dollars, Mt Gox – the main bitcoin exchange site – yesterday sparked all sorts of rumors, speculations and conspiracy theories. Today, Mt Gox seeks to bring reassurance to their customers with the following statement.  Dear Mt. Gox Customers and Bitcoiners, The reaction since yesterday’s statement regarding the […]

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